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about us

We are a family seeking to inspire others to travel, enjoy life, and ride. Our shop offers gear for riders of all levels, and focuses on a unique experience when it comes to choosing the right gear, and lessons in riding. We also specialize in inboard boat maintenance, winterization & storage, and will install wakeboard racks or towers.

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Our owner. Master of boardsports, sales & mechanics. 40 years of inboard boat mechanics. 25 years water sports, 15 years snowboarding.
Co-owner. Master of boardsports, lessons & sales. 25 years water sports, 15 years snowboarding.
Rare. Adept of boardsports & sales. 13 years snowboarding.
Rare/Webmaster. Master of photography, web design, & graphic design. 10 years snowboarding.
Co-owner. Master of accounting, desk organization, food services, and guest entertainment.
latest review
Customer Review - April 25, 2011

Rich's Marine is hands-down the best inboard boat mechanic in the Madison area. Craig is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and he really cares about making sure his customers boats receive top-notch service. The only place I will ever take my ski boat for service. ‎
Customer Review - December 29, 2010

Came here to get boots after looking at a lot of other corporate places. Craig was able to hook me up with a good pair of boots and also helped completely tune my entire set up and readjust my bindings. I have a 153 board and will need to upgrade eventually. When that time comes I will be going to Rich's to do so.‎
Customer Review - March 12, 2010

Rich helped me set up my bindings, waxed and detuned my board, and explained every step of the process along the way. Rich is a super chill and funny guy, and he told me a lot of things about the bigger chains and brands that I didn't know before. Fair prices, too! My next board will be purchased at Rich's for sure.‎
Customer Review - February 23, 2010

Its not just a place to get high quality gear, its a place for friends and family! [There] might not always be somebody there but they [have to ride too]. I definitely recommend stopping in and checking it out! It will some day benefit you!‎‎‎
Customer Review - January 20, 2010
I had gotten a Nidecker snowboard for my Bday and I needed boot and bindings for it, I walk in there after my friend Tim had bought a used snow board there and loved it so he told me about the store and the owner hooked me up with exactly what I needed for used equipment. He also taught me a thing or two that I would of not known. The owner is very laid back and non-pushy and he really knows his stuff, from snow to water sports. I will recommend him to everyone [more]‎‎‎
Customer Review - January 14, 2010

I have bought 3 snowboards for my self and my wife from Rich's. There knowledge is top tier and they will take time to make sure you are getting the right snowboard for you're level as well as making sure it is setup correctly. Rich's board-sports is hands down the best place to go. They have made my snowboarding experience much more enjoyable. Very few places will give you the customer care the Rich's provides.‎‎
Customer Review - January 5, 2010

It's nice to buy gear from someone that knows what it's all about! These guys are passionate about snowboarding and wakeboarding. A must shop before you buy. And their cat "Burdee" will keep the young ones occupied while you shop.‎
Customer Review - December 31, 2009

I have been buying my equipment from Rich's for a long time. There is no better retailer around. They take the time to know a rider and what they are looking for. They manage to find the spirtual connection between the rider and the gear. Thanks to everyone involved with Rich's!‎
Customer Review - December 15, 2009
This is the BEST board shop hands down. Rich takes the time to ask questions about what kind of rider you are, what type of board you are looking for, and he makes sure you get you exactly what you need at a GREAT price. I have been a dedicated shopper for years and would never go anywhere else. You can also stop in for travel advice (the inside scoop) when you are heading out on a trip. They can tell you the best restaurants, good deals, and what to avoid.‎
Customer Review - December 14, 2009

I have bought 2 snowboards from Rich's. They have made my snowboarding experience much more enjoyable. Very few places will give you the customer care the Rich's provides. Any one looking to buy a snowboard or get some lessons should go here.‎
Customer Review - December 11, 2009
I have heard a lot about Rich's and decided to check this place out finally. What a find. It's really nice to buy gear, which can be very specific depending on what it is you are buying, from people who not only know their equipment but are very passionate about the sport(s) as well. If you are looking for anything that involves waterskiing or snowboarding take the time and stop here. You won't regret it. And their cat, Burdee, will keep your young children busy while you shop!‎
Customer Review - December 3, 2009
I love this shop! Rich is very experienced and it's really nice to have someone just look at me and tell me exactly what will work best. Their prices are extremely competitive, and I do not mind paying a little extra to have a professional, comfortable setup. I also liked that waxing and tuning was done for free because I purchased there. It's a very homey, local atmosphere. No corporate sellouts here!‎