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Banana Shout

Jamaica's Sweet Spot

Jamaica is a place we have visited since the early 1980's. We have taken our kids there since they were little, and have amased many friends on this island of wonderful and unique culture. There is no place we would rather stay than with our friends at Banana Shout Resort near Negril.

Banana Shout Resort

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Banana Shout Resort is located in the western coastal area of Jamaica, on the coral cliffs of the western portion of Negril. Under new ownership, it has just been renovated and offers you the coolest way to discover Jamaica. Your own well equipped romantic cottages are set in lush tropical foliage with secluded garden pathways. Tanning, sunsets, and ocean reef snorkeling are all available and easily accessible.

Nearby are various famous attractions. Rick's Cafe, a world-famous watering hole and cliff diving hangout, and other restaurants and bars are within walking distance, as well as a few small grocery stores.