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Our product selection will vary because of our used selection, however, the majority of our stock is from Nidecker, Prospect, APO, and CWB. Each board is designed for a specific purpose, whether it be speed, rails, or leisure riding. Choosing a board based on its graphics alone is the wrong choice, and instead we offer a personalized recommendation based on you, your goals, and our own experience. Waxing and tuning services are also available.

We offer gear for all ages and skill levels, and will work with you to determine how best to get you comfortably riding.

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We BUY & SELL gently used gear. Ususally not clothes, and we need to inspect before an offer is made.

Our instructor, Jenny, offers lessons for ages 5-70, and is PSIA Level II certified. She is very proficient in snowboarding, wakeboarding, barefooting, skiing (including slalom), and more. Lessons are private and very personalized. Contact us and ask for Jenny if you would like more details, a session, or just tips.