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This website and the majority of its contents were designed and coded by the webmaster, whom you can contact with any questions about this site or its contents.

The Rich's Logo is copyright 2000-2010 Rich's Boardsports, and may not be used without authorization.

ALL other logos used on this website are NOT property or owned by Rich's Boardsports in any way. They are for recommendation purposes only, and some products are not necessarily carried or sold by Rich's Boardsports. For example, we DO NOT sell inboard boats. We only service them and install wakeboard racks. However, we do recommend certain kinds. These logos should be linked to the site of the owner.

Rich's Boardsports is not affiliated with any of the places we recommend for travel ideas. They are places we personally have visited and enjoyed. These are places we recommend to others because of our wonderful experiences there. We are not a travel agency, and do not offer any sort of discount or packages for any of these businesses or attractions.

We reserve the right to refuse customers. As we work hard to keep our store a peaceful environment for those who like to enjoy life and ride, we will keep the balance by dismissing individuals who cause a scene or make ridiculous demands.

Please remember that we are a family owned operation. This means that we do not produce job applications, and team members are usually hired by relation. Our apologies.